Welcome to the Family

Family Portweets is an irregularly updated comic about the ‘tweet’able moments in our lives.  Here is how this webcomic is coming to be:

Krissy and Brandi are keeping track of the funny things you say.  We type them up into a little script library.  Sometimes we steal them from your Twitter posts.  Sometimes it is something you’ve told us in person.  Drew and Brandi have a lot of gTalk exchanges.  It will be a lot of magical one-liners often pulled out of context and usually typed up to Twitter, G+ or Facebook, sometimes gTalk and every once in a while, actual, live conversations. We will make sure never to include anyone who hasn’t given us permission ahead of time to be included in the project.

When Brandi has a minute or ten with a sketchpad, she reads through the library to see what seems “draw-able” at that time.  Upload them to the computer, add text, and a frame in GIMP and queue it up at the end of the line.  Because of this, comics will seldom be posted when they are relevant to current events.  Often, quotes are not literal, they are frequently edited for the format.

Hopefully this will feel like the old fashioned portrait wall grandparents used to have.  You know when you go to your grandmother’s house and there is that wall of family photos that include your parents in snow pants followed by you sitting naked on a toilet surrounded by penguins?  Well the penguin photo might not be so common, but I think you get the drift.  This is my modern version, take that ‘tweet’able moment, capture it in an image, frame it and mount it on the website, and you have Family Portweets.

Probably for mature audiences, with the loosest definitions of the word “mature”.

Contributers: Content and artwork by Brandi, additional content by Krissy.

You can contact us on our Twitter page @FamilyPortweets or email brandi [at] familyportweets.com.


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